Global Virtual Buildathon & Startup Competition
January 30th - March 31th, 2022


Start-up Competition


Crypto Bounties

+ Opportunity to be Hosted on Metaverse Land Worth


Plus +

Incubator With Metaverse Group

Opportunities for Winning Build(s) to Be Hosted in the Metaverse

Virtual Meetings With Executives & More Side Prizes

Mentorship with Metaverse Group

Mentorship from Metaverse Architects

Parcel of land to be donated from Decentraland

Virtual webinars and meetings hosted by Metaverse and design experts

The Next Top Metaverse Build is a virtual buildathon, competition and accelerator program helping spotlight the next wave of metaverse entrepreneurs and builders.

This is the opportunity to build, pitch and test out your idea in-front of industry leading metaverses, protocols, organizations and investors. Do it solo or make a team. Compete in different prize categories, or tracks, to win crypto bounties and access to opportunities that go beyond the buildathon.

Check out How it Works for more info!


Play to Earn​

Build a play to earn experience that can be hosted for users to play in the metaverse.

Play to Earn​

Build a play to learn experience that takes e-learning to the next level for users to learn in an engaging way in the metaverse.


Build an iconic building architecture in the metaverse, either taking into consideration real life buildings of a completely impossible structure!

NFT Display​

Create a unique way to display NFTs in the Metaverse in a gallery or alternative impossible structure.

Casino Games​

Create an existing casino game that can be played in the Metaverse, or imagine a new game that can be played!

Music Festival​

Build a unique experience for a music festival, where it be a stage, an art structure or something else.



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