All participants will have a chance to win a number of prizes including a parcel of land granted by the Decentraland Foundation, $50,000 of RENOVI tokens!

$50,000 USD worth of RNVI tokens.

1 Parcel of Land


25,000 in SAND (About 100,000 USD)

10,000 in Aftermath Islands Digital Assets

Software Licenses


Originality & creativity

  • What separates this submission from the others
  • Is this just the status quo or is it truly disrupting and innovating what architecture and design in the Metaverse will look like

Design principles and technical specifications

  • Does the design follow physics and design best practices?


  • Is this virtual build something that the Metaverse community can all use?


Stavros Zachariades

Architect, educator and tech investor

Mike Charalambous

CEO at Threedium

Hilary Lancaster

Award-winning designer

Michelle Tsing

CEO and Cofounder at Defintasy

Victoria Feng

Business Development Manager

Evan Luthra

Parallel Entrepreneur & Angel Investor